Isity Vitamin C Serum Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum Hydrating Face Serum with VC Extract│15ml



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Bonna S.
My Go-To Serum!!

I love this serum because it really soaks into the skin and doesn't make my skin sticky or greasy like other serum's I've used in the past. After using it for a few weeks I notice my wrinkles are going away and old scars and spots are fading!! I have really sensitive skin and breakout easily and this product has not clogged my pores or given me breakouts. I highly recommend this serum to anyone who has dry and dehydrated skin or anyone who's looking to improve their skin tone and appearance.

Jessica A.
Healthy Glow indeed!

The older I get, the more I have been into skincare and doing constant research behind it. Most serums have a jelly-like consistency; however, this serum, has an extremely light moisturizing feel. This perfectly absorbs right into the skin. Because of how moisturizing the product is, I have been walking around with a healthy and even glow to my skin. I have been using it apart of my nighttime routine and will definitely repurchase as soon as my last drop of serum is used.

Eli M.
Bright skin!

I've tried so many anti-aging serums, some very expensive. This serum really does the job! My skin looks bright and my fine lines (crow's feet, forehead lines, and those pesky lines between my eyebrows) are less noticeable because the serum plumps them with moisture. After cleansing, I apply the serum all over my face. It feels silky and soaks into my skin without leaving an oily feel. I've seen a dramatic difference in my skin using this regimen. And the price is quite reasonable. No more expensive serums and creams for me! I've found my new skincare routine!

Steffany N.
Great Product Great Value

Since hitting my 40s, I realized I had to pay more attention to my skin. It just seemed like everything that was worth anything costed more than I was willing to spend.
Not so with this Vitamin C serum. It is awesome, with modest pricing and I'm already seeing results!

Amber M.
A difference you'll notice!

Amazing product so far it makes my skin feel moisturized and rejuvenated. I've used it for around 4 days now and am very happy with the results so far. Will update further down the line to show the differences

Amy B.
You will definitely feel it when you put it on.

I'm not sure what active ingredient causes me to feel it, but I do. I like the way my skin feels and looks from it. I'm used to using heavy shea butter to moisturize my face and neck, which can obviously look greasy. This moisturized without the heavy oily look.

Sarah W.

I highly recommend using this product on any type of aging damage or possible concern. This serum has helped improve the areas with discoloration, especially dark aging spots. It's even improving the way I feel because it's improving the overall appearance of my face.

Michelle L.
Nice-feeling serum

I really like this serum. It has no parabens or sulfates which I appreciate because my skin tends to be sensitive. I used this on my face and neck, primarily my forehead, neck, and smile lines where I have the most prominent wrinkles. It's consistency and color comparable to a lotion. Since I look at myself every day, it's hard to gauge how much it has brightened up my skin, but I have been getting a lot of compliments when not wearing any makeup.

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Isity Vitamin C Serum Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum Hydrating Face Serum with VC Extract│15ml