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Lance S.
Great Alternative to Shouting

I currently have a respiratory virus and cannot "shout." Shouting my dog's name is the way I would typically get his attention and how I would call him off doing something he shouldn't but without that, training him and keeping him in line has been tough. This whistle gets the same result as shouting, however, and doesn't interrupt anyone other than my dog, which is a huge bonus.

Mike S.
Very interesting!

My younger dog reacts immediately, but my older dog doesn't seem to be affected by it. Good thing it's the younger one that I am trying to stop barking all the time!

Jasmin C.
It works!!!

This works great if you use it for training, I blow the whistle; tell my dog quiet, they come and I reward this training is successful. This does not work if you just blow the whistle and expect your dog to stop barking. I raise Yorkies and let me tell you. They love to bark. It does work for training. I am happy with my purchase.

Bella B.
It works! Her behavior changed in one day! Worth every penny I paid for it!

It has decreased the amount of barking my minipin does during the day. There are occasions when she doesn't respond at all to the sound. Not sure if she doesn't hear the whistle or she's just ignoring it.
No instructions came with the package, so I'm unsure how to adjust it. The unit looks to be one piece. It won't loosen or tighten.

Kelly H.
Perfect for my elderly dog

My golden is losing her hearing due to aging according to our vet. We went through a phase last year where she completely lost her hearing but some have come back. We have around 5 acres so this whistle has come in handy if she is exploring and we need to quickly leave the house to run an errand and want to put her inside.

Ashton B.
Great size and build

This dog whistle is great. It’s small and easy to use of course. Fits in my pocket easily.

Sabrina P.
Dog Whistle

Purchased this dog whistle in hopes of using it to get my dogs attention. I have two dogs that don’t always come when I call. They actually come when I blow this whistle. The whistle is light weight. Highly recommend it.

Jane S.

I got this whistle to try to get my dog from barking at visitors for TOO long after they come in the door. I blow it, he stops and I tell him, good boy. He is begging, being annoying, I blow it, he stops, I tell him good boy and give him positive affirmation. Such a great idea!!!

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WagglyTail Dog Training Whistle – Stops Barking and Unwanted Behavior