WagNest Obedience Training Dog Whistle, Safe Ultrasonic Device Stops Barking, Adjustable Pitch



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Allan P.
No more yelling

I have 3/4 of an acre of land, and l am always yelling at my dogs to come in. I used this dog whistle and l was amazed that it actually worked. I am so happy that l don't have to yell anymore to get them to come back in. I have it hanging by the door ready for when l need it.

Michael F.
Thank GOD!

My neighbors have three dogs, every time I/we go outside they bark... It's so annoying!!
Now I blow this whistle and all three of them stop!!! Great way to keep the peace between friends!!!

Nikko M.
Did the job

I got this to train my neighbor’s dog not to bark. I do not blame the dog for this. They are ignored and acting out by barking. I work from home so listening to it barks 3 hours every morning and 3 hours every night was not fun. After two days of blowing this when they bark and they have already started to bark significantly less. He barked for maybe 10 mins tonight. I am very happy with this buy. ...I wish people would spend more time with their dogs so I would have to resort to this.

Damiel S.
Works great

I've used this whistle to get my dogs attention, when she is NOT listening to verbal commands, she sits and looks at me or she obeys a command without me repeating. A few light tweets get her attention. I try not to hurt her ears; I just want her to listen to my commands. I feel this is the best way to teach her some things she does that are not ok, painlessly and humanely! She is a large (80 lbs) dog, a Mastiff and this whistle works well, even to the point when she is Not obeying, I pick up the whistle and she complies without me blowing the whistle! Love it, how something so simple works so well!

Adrian D.
Good product

Lol my dog hates it but I love it cause if she is doing something wrong like chewing she stops and starts looking around. Lol great whistle.

Anthony P.
Durable design and effective in training

This is a nice simple design for a dog whistle. Our dog seems to respond well to it and it will be helpful in the training process. It’s a durable design and should last well.

Melody E.
Silence is Golden

I have only had the whistle for a few days but I already see a big difference in the neighbor’s dogs. They are always barking, after using this whistle I am now enjoying being able to sit outside in peace and quiet.

Lester H.
Was prompt delivery

Need to know when and how to use the whistle. No instructions.

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WagNest Obedience Training Dog Whistle, Safe Ultrasonic Device Stops Barking, Adjustable Pitch