InstaBright 6 inch LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand



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Nadine C.
Easy to use and highly recommended

If you are someone who does videos or just likes to take selfies, this product is a must-have. I have never heard of or used a ring light before and I was able to set it up myself and figure it all out easily. This gives you different mood lighting and with so many different lighting to choose from it is pretty fun to play with and take selfies with. The light gets really bright and has an option to dim it slowly or changes mood-setting light. The bright light helps most especially in darker places -- lights it up enough to take a wonderful picture. Everything folds up pretty nicely and could fit into a bag that is easy to travel with or take along with you to any outing.

Kyla J.
Light up my life

I use this with our ID machine at work. The camera we have to use is a webcam and having the external light really helps since we cannot use the room’s overhead lights.

Aaron B.
Great purchase

I am so glad I got this. It is perfect for what I need. I love the fact everything is so easy to set up. Nothing complicated. The brightness is perfect too. Small so not blinding, yet effective. You also can't be the price! Not sure how well it will work at far distances so this may be for closer video. Great buy.

Nicolas R.
Great ring light

What a difference these lights can make...this is a must for selfies or videos. Very easy to assemble and the brightness adjustments are perfect to adjust to any surrounding. It plugs in directly to a USB port and so lightweight.

Mark W.
Truly multi-functional

This light is truly multipurpose.
I have used this ring handheld around the lens of my DSLR camera to get nice portraits of my 2-month-old baby without the use of a harsh flashlight. It did not show the eye shadow effect because of the ring-like structure. In addition, the size was perfect to fit my large 24-70 mm lens on my DSLR.
I also started to use it as a Make-up light whenever I am getting ready!
My hubby has used it to create a quick youtube video in combination with a phone stand.
I like the phone holder which comes with it. Actually, it was able to hold my Galaxy S9 with a bulky case without falling. You can use the phone's rear camera to record your video while the light is falling on your face.
I also like the fact that light can be put in a verticle position. this will be helpful while taking photos/videos of food or its preparation.
I also loved the feature of changing the color/temperature of this light (I took pictures of this ring light at high and low-temperature setting) and it looks reasonable to me. Along with I was also able to control the intensity.

Charmaine M.

I love this for my youtube videos and photoshoots I've done so far in my room. This can provide enough brightness that I would normally get in front of the window with natural light. It is actually even a bit brighter which is great for video. My video and pictures end up being really crisp because of this ring light and love that is has been portable from place to place especially in darker areas with little natural light.

Travis W.
Ring Light for the woman. Happy wife, happy life.

My girlfriend has been bugging to get her a ring light for some time now. I finally ordered this one seeing how it was on sale and priced within our budget. When it came in, I opened it up right away and started fiddling with all of the parts. I really like how everything is packaged together in a portable manner between the light ring and the stand. You can even use a portable battery pack for a phone to hook up to it via USB.

Anyhow, I took some quick selfies with it initially and they came out really nice. It really surprised me, how bright the light can get. The phone holder is pretty nifty as well and does a good job of keeping the phone in place.

Overall, this was a very good purchase that both I and my girl are happy with.

Christopher W.
Good for price

Not using it for selfies but for better lighting in videos. Works well, and you get a decent selection of brightness and white vs yellow light. Not the highest quality but cannot complain.

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