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Chad S.
Great Scent

I have really bad anxiety and this lavender scent helps me to relax. I have a bracelet that is made for oils and this oil lasts so long it's amazing. I would definitely recommend if you deal with bad anxiety. I also sometimes will place a little on my wrist and behind my ears and I smell it randomly throughout the day. A little goes a long way.

Lindsay W.
This has been great in helping me relax ESPECIALLY around bedtime

This has been great in helping me relax ESPECIALLY around bedtime. I have an illness which if you have a life long illness you have ADDED STRESS, MORE ANXIETY, and are more susceptible to some type of Sleep AND Mental disorders. This DEFINITELY helps to calm you and help you to relax so you can try to begin your night of slumber. I added it to a carrier oil and made myself a little bottle to take with me in case i needed it for calming myself OR using a public restroom. P.U. okay? LOL

Bonna S.
Nice Scent

I bought this based on other reviews and am happy with my purchase. I use a few drops of the lavender along with peppermint in my shower to fill the room with a relaxing scent. I like that my bathroom is starting to retain the scent since I use it daily. I also make an Epsom salt & baking soda mixture with the lavender & peppermint for my bi-weekly bath soak which smells amazing. Even my 11 years old asks to have some put in the tub for bath time. I also put drops in the toilet as a passive diffuser.

Jessica A.
Wonderful scent

Love this scent of this lavender! I have to admit though that this is the most I’ve ever paid for essential oils. I would have no problem with the price if it were the bigger size of 8oz as I use lavender for So many things like spray bottles ( I have 8 dogs inside 😊) I use it in my mop water my mother and I both have diffusers I have added it to my dog's bedding in the dryer spray on the beds the furniture even in our vehicles. I would recommend this product and this seller.

Richard A.
Great value for the price, it will last a long time!

I absolutely love the smell of lavender! I used this before bed in my essential oil diffuser. 2-3 drops were plenty to make the whole room smell like lavender.
The smell itself has a very calming and relaxing effect on the body, so it's great to use before bed to calm the nerves and erase the day away.
The bottle is similar to other essential oil bottles and although it looks tiny it will last you a long time. It's 10ml, but at only 2-3 drops per use, you can get months out of it. I also like to use this when cleaning. I usually put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it in the vacuum cleaner. It makes the whole house smell like the essential oil, I love it!

Michael J.
Great For Allergies

I still have to take my allergy medicine. However, when I get those times of breakthrough nasal running, stuffiness and sneezing, the lavender essential oil is great. I just put a few drops on a cotton ball and inhale. Within seconds the sneezing stops and also the runny nose stops. The stuffiness goes away in just a couple of minutes. I use it at night too to keep sinuses open. I plan on getting a diffuser very soon to use in the bedroom with the lavender oil. I would and will buy this again if only for the allergy relief.

Melody E.
Smells good!

I got this to put on a necklace I wear to work. I'm a groomer and I was interested in seeing if this would work for calming dogs. It smells a little weird when you put it on but smells fine after it settles. So far, I think it's actually helping. I'm going to continue to try it. Fast shipping.

Michelle L.
A scent to use

I like the scent of lavender but my daughter is allergic to it. So I have to use it in areas that she is not in.

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