Frilla Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap | Screen Touchable Dry Bag with Adjustable Belt

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Lucy J.
Worked great!

It worked great for me at the beach!!! Swam with it and had no problems. I did put certain items in zip lock bags as well before putting them in the fanny, but that's only because I didn't test the fanny first. I think it would be okay without the extra ziplock sandwich bags, but it's not a bad idea if you don't test the product first for holes or anything. Also, I blew air into the fanny before perfectly sealing every ziplock of the fanny just to keep it afloat, and I think that was a pretty good idea; I didn't take it off, but if it had fallen off for whatever reason than you wouldn't want it to sink.

Olivia C.
Good for Travel and well made

This waterproof pouch has triple zip-lock closure and a velcro flap over that. I used that for my travel. I put my cell phone and IDs in it and went to play at the beach. I was rolling and sitting in the water. Afterwards when I checked the contents in this pouch, everything in it was well kept and dry!!! My relative wore this during a 4X4 jeep ride through a desert. All her belongings in this waterproof pouch were well kept from sand and dust in the desert. She also used this while visiting Rome. She wore the pouch diagonally over her chest and all her belongings were well kept from pick-pockets.

Cherry S.
Thanks to this pouch, I got some wonderful vacation photos

Pretty good! I got it for an outing at a waterpark that is on top of a lake. I wanted something to put money, my glasses and my cell phone in so I gave it a try. Most of the lake was too deep to even touch the bottom so there was really no way to carry anything since just my head and shoulders were bobbing above the water for about 5 hours. When I was in shallow water, or up on one of the inflatable obstacles in the park, I was able to fish out my cell phone and take some photos to commemorate the trip. Without this pouch, I could not have carried my phone with me and would not have video of a five-year-old and an 8 year old zip lining for the first time into the lake. I am very grateful that I had this.

Jasmin C.

I used this while on a cruise and I was pleasantly surprised that it was waterproof, doesn’t hold a ton of stuff but it did the job for the basics (phone, cards etc)

Bella B.
Great i was in the ocean and there wasn’t any water

I needed something like this for my passport money and phone when I went to the Bahamas on the beach and this was a perfect product. I opened it and closed it a lot the 2 days i went to beach and there was still no water in there. I really doubted this product, but it was perfect! It was stylish too!

Kelly H.
Good investment!

Purchased these for my husband and I to use at an Amusement Park. They were great! My husband wore the black one around his waist while I found wearing my pink one across my chest was more comfortable. I do wish that I had gotten 2 black ones. The pink is see through and didn’t think about people being able to see money or possibly card information that was in the pouch.

Ashton B.
Awesome for travel!

Purchased this to use on cruise excursions and it did not disappoint! It fits as described and is 100% water proof. I used this while floating in a bay in the Caribbean island and it allowed me to take photos while out in the water. I will definitely use them again and again. Great purchase!

Sabrina P.
Everything stayed dry

My husband wore this Fanny pack on every water excursion we did in Jamaica even snorkeling and everything stayed dry not even a drip of water on anything he had stored inside his pouch we definitely recommend this product we got the black and clear one

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Frilla Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap | Screen Touchable Dry Bag with Adjustable Belt