Pawzia Pet Cat Litter Mat | Waterproof and Urine Proof

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Ritch A.
Works well for loose litter

I have an elderly cat that gets litter everywhere! Thought I’d give this a go-to see how much it captures and am pleasantly surprised. I put one edge under my cat litter tray to help keep placement and he can walk from the box into mat easily. Appears to be soft so doesn’t hurt his feet and captures any excess litter. I like that it has a bottom part that captures the litter that I can actually put straight into trash or back into the litter tray.

Ivan R.
You need this!

I had no idea I needed one of these contraptions until I had one! Total game changer! I hate the smell of cat litter and my cat was tracking it all over the place because he is a total jerk of a roommate and has no respect. For reasons unknown, I love him the most in the entire world, so I was resigned to just walking through kitty litter for the rest of my life. They could literally charge me anything for this and I would buy it. Now just to convince him to stop attacking me for no reason. Looking for that product next.

Alfred W.
Fur Ball Approved

I was on the fence when I saw the issue about it coming in the mail folded up, but I was easily able to straighten/flatten it out. I just rolled it along the seam that was the fold in the opposite way. Easy! Plus, it goes under the kitty litter boxes a bit so it's going to flatten out quickly anyways. Size perspective is that it's the same size as the lid of a top-loading washing machine.
Love the honeycomb feature and so does my furball, Magic. Even though his box is designed to collect litter, he still manages to get some out and my shower is right there. I hate stepping on kitty litter. This solves the problem and looks great as well!
While I am not sure about its washability, I can say it's easy to collect and pour the kitty litter out and wipe down with a damp rag easily.

Alfred M.
Less litter tracked all over my bathroom floor!

The product is a foam type material and feels kind of flimsy, so I was skeptical that it would work. I put it in front of the litter box in my master bathroom because I hate getting litter stuck to my feet when I walk in there. I was very surprised to see that it does contain most of the litter and I have a lot less mess to sweep up every day. I like that I can pick the mat up and dump the litter it catches in the trash or back into the litter box. My husband told me I should get a few more to put near our other litter boxes because we have 6 cats (don’t judge me)!

Billy W.
Easy to clean

Litter mats that I've tried in the past came with a few downfalls: 1) my cat didn’t like stepping on them and would instead launch himself out of the box (along with his litter) to avoid it, and 2) they were terrible to clean if the cat overshot the box or puked on it.
This mat has none of those problems! I was worried about cleaning puke/clumped litter out of these little hexagons but since the mat can be "opened up" a rinse under the bathtub faucet was all it needed!
I'd like to thank my cat, who threw up on this mat just hours after it arrived, for making it possible to bring you this review.

Adrian C.
Very good mat.

Very good pad. First-time cat owner(or more likely first time owned by a cat)
Got tired of walking on the kitty litter granules that get scattered out of the box when she either kicks it out or carries the stuff out on her paws. Either way, the mesh-like cover allows the "clean" litter to fall through the mesh onto the bottom pad so one can walk across it and now scatter the trapped residue on the floor. Just pick up the pad and dump the litter back into the box. Very good, better than just a rubber pad which just waits for more traffic to hitch a ride.

Melody P.
Good for those kitties who miss the box...

We were having problems with our female cat peeing out of her litter box. We regularly scoop so we didn't know what to do. My wife found this mat and we really like it. The litter gets trapped and it is easy to clean when our cat pees out of the box. I will say that there was a crease in the top layer (Maybe from shipping) and after a few weeks it hasn't gone down much, so there is a high bump. It is a little smaller than I wanted but the product works as intended. I would recommend this mat.

Peter R.
Great concept.

The mat, unfortunately, came squished down in half, latitudinally. I've had it for a month and it hasn't relaxed down, yet. That's impacted its performance, but not irredeemably.
I curl it up longitudinally with one end in the litter box and tap it on the backside to dislodge the litter caught in it.
Someday I will place a couple of bricks on it to take out the hump in it.
Still, it works.
I just curl it up

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