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Bonna S.
Love love love it!!

I have been wanting one of these for awhile so when I saw this rose quartz one I knew I had to get it! The presentation is absolutely beautiful! The product itself is very well made does not feel cheap or flimsy at all. I love that it has two rollers one for the face and one for your eyes! I use it at night and in the morning after my doing my cleansing and moisturizing routine. Immediately after using I can feel fluid movement and soft tingles under my skin. The message feels great and I noticed my black circles and puffiness under my eyes begin to fade and lighten up. I would definitely buy this product again and recommend to family and friends!

Jessica A.
Awesome massage!

I tried this as soon as I received it, and after only 1 try my skin feels amazing. Its so easy to use, gentle on the skin, and it is also so soothing and relaxing. Side Note : I had 3 skin cancers removed from my face in April. I have major scars, that I am rubbing daily (per the doctor).. to aid in the reduction of the scars. It has worked, but is tedious and skin to skin contact can be irritating (I have itching in one scar). The Rose Quartz Roller feels so much better on my face and it also helps relieve the itch! I dont think I look younger yet, but I sure feel fantastic! An added plus is its very pretty. I highly recommend.

Eli M.
A tool worth the purchase.

I got this product because I thought it would help me enjoy my face care routine more. And it does. I got an email before I received it which was very nice. The email was telling me how to care for it, how to clean it, etc. I got it that very day in the mail and it was packaged in a very nice box. When I opened the box it was packaged beautifully inside, having a little manual as well as a travel bag and the actual roller was packaged safely in foam. I have been using this product now for a couple of days and I would recommend if it you are considering it. It isn't super expensive but it is nice and relaxing and easy to use. I feel I can see changes in my skin already but even if I didn't, the feel of it's cool stone rolling across my face is relaxing enough to make it worth the purchase. I would purchase this again and I would recommend it to friends.

Steffany N.
Better than I expected!

Love it. I chose it because I hoped the handle would be sturdy, it's solid! It's heavier than I expected. It's a little squeaky when rolling, but I don't think that can be helped unless you buy a roller that cuts the rock all the way through and threads it with the rod. Not many of those available online and I figured as much when I ordered it. The bag is nice to have, it did leave fuzzies, from being brand new, on the roller at first, but no big deal. Super happy with my purchase. It's beautiful and holds up well in the fridge if you prefer a colder experience. I don't think you need to stick these in the freezer like some people do. The handle is metal so I don't feel like freezing my hands to test it out. Pick this one! ;P

Amber M.
Interesting product - Excellent customer service

I ordered this thinking what the heck, worth a shot. I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin, but I look at my mug daily so it's hard to tell. Anything that improves circulation isn't going to be bad for my skin. Bonus, it's pretty and I like pretty things. The buying experience was easy and the seller is extremely responsive. Surprisingly so! I would 10/10 recommend not only this roller, but anything by this company as their customer service is wonderful.

Amy B.
AMAZING TOOL!!! Buy this NOW!!!

I recommend EVERYONE purchase this amazing little tool. It is well made, and first quality. My favorite thing about it is the way it relaxes the facial muscles and relieves stress. I don't think most people realize how much tension they carry in their face , especially their jaw, and for people who suffer from chronic headaches, the roller is perfect for temples or in between eyes and over brows. The rose quartz cools off quickly when you change ends, so it is always soothing to the skin upon initial touch. Amazing item at a VERY reasonable price. Sweetest and most professional seller, don't delay,
this is a definite "have to have" for all of us. You can use it while you are watching TV, or during a beauty regime.

Sarah W.

I was pleased from the moment I made my purchase. The seller is absolutely amazing, they actually care about their customers and back their products 100%. When I opened my Rose Quartz roller I was in awe, it's so beautiful and neatly crafted. It came in a nice box, with a lovely little bag to store it in, and It has a nice weight to it. I have used it once per day since I bought it, I am so pleased with it the results I plan on using it twice a day. I have read that it is good for lymphatic drainage, puffiness, stress, and undereye bags. I use my roller with coconut oil, after the 2nd day I could see results. My under eyes were less puffy in the morning, I had a glow. I kept on catching glimpses of myself in the mirror, I was thinking to myself " ooh my face looks better". I suffer from TMD, its really good for massaging my jaw. The massages also helped me fall asleep easier. As I continue using my roller I plan on trying some serums as well as some hyaluronic acid. I would recommend this roller to anyone who wants to take a natural approach to facial care, aging, and stress relief.

Michelle L.
Buy this one! You won’t be sorry!

My first rose quartz one broke when something fell on it. I had a backup jade one, for just such an occasion, but it did not roll smoothly and the stone felt porous. I looked up this one and gave it a try. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY FIRST ONE! First of all, the metal handle is sturdy and solid feeling. The roller has a little weight to it which makes rolling better. The stone is polished smooth and rolls nicely without squeaks. This thing will roll your puffiness right away. It also feels great if you have a headache!

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