Diop Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper with Built-In Pressure Pump

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Princess Q.
Great concept and well executed

This clever gadget keeps your champagne bubbly when you'd rather not finish it all at once by replacing the cork and clamping onto the neck flange of the bottle. Pushing the piston button on the top maintains the pressurize in the air space above the remaining champagne so that it holds onto its fizz better. There is an arrow on the pump button and numbers on the cap that can be used to show the date that the bottle was last open. This does not adjust the pressure level. This is as good as it gets for storing champagne and it's useful for its specific purpose.

Durrel F.
Worthwhile gadget

I'm pleased with this set of Champagne stoppers I bought. It was a good price and the quality is top-notch - stainless steel and pliable silicone. The built-in air pump preserves the fizz while the silicone seal ensures it stays that way. It does exactly what it's intended for.

Sede T.
So easy to use

Champagne Stopper with Vacuum lets you enjoy unfinished bottles of Champagne. It’s so easy to use just pop it on the bottle fold the handed down and press the button on top to pump the air out. Now you are set to keep your Champagne fresh until you want to enjoy the rest of the bottle. Just buy it, no need to look for something better.

Diane W.
It really works!

We often open a bottle of champagne and 2 of us can only drink about half of it. In the past, we just poured it out or decided not to open it at all because of the waste. I was skeptical of this product but figured at the price what did I have to lose. I was amazed. It really works just like it says. It keeps the bubbly sparkling and delicious for days. I saved the price of the thing the first time I used it. It is easy to use and it really works. Ingenious! I am a satisfied customer 100%!!!

Marian D.
Great stopper that preserves sparkling wines excellently

Excellent stopper for sparkling wines used it on a bottle of champagne and 2 days later the bubbles were still almost as pronounced as on the first day. The stopper is dead simple to use as well, just a push, and everything was set. I stored the bottle in the fridge sideways and there was no leak whatsoever over the 2 days. I suspect it might work for regular wine bottles as well, which I will test next time I open up a bottle.

Gabby B.
Works as it should!

This Champagne Stopper is solidly made! The body is made of firm stamped metal. The gasket makes a snug fit to the inside of the bottle's neck. A quick few pumps after fitting the cap keeps the fizz in and the bottle pressurized. Taking the cap off is like uncorking the bottle each and every time!

George R.
Great as gifts for friends and family

Use this on champagne and it is still bubbly after a few days. Now I don’t have to finish the whole bottle if no one else is helping me. It’s great for champagne to keep it fresh and bubbly up several days later. Best pressure stopper ever.

Cory D.
Nice champagne stopper & pump

This is a nice stopper pump for sparkling beverages like champagne, prosecco, and brut. The metal construction is sturdy and holds the stopper firmly onto the bottle, even when pressurized. The silicone stopper forms a tight seal that doesn't leak, no matter what position the bottle is in. The top button is a pump, to pressurize the bottle and keep your bubbly fresh and fizzy (not a vacuum pump!) Love this!

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Diop Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper with Built-In Pressure Pump