BodyCircuit Gym Gloves for Body Building Fitness Exercise and Weight Lifting, Red

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Allan P.
Fits just right

It's effective. The padding is just enough that I don't feel the iron bars at the gym but not too chunky like one I had previously. At first, I was a little worried because I thought I'd bought the wrong size, felt tight on the first wear. But by the second time it fit perfectly. So don't think it's small when you try it on the first time.

Michael F.
Work it

Super tough material protecting your hands, that is flexible so you can grip and do what is needed during work out. Adjustable wrist area to keep the gloves from sliding around. Lots of finger room keeping your fingers free from pinching and blisters. Fold up take with you wherever you work out.

Nikko M.
First quality!!

These are excellent exercise gloves. They made very well, great quality and they seem like they should’ve been a lot more expensive than they were. I’ve used weightlifting gloves before and they cost so much money and they weren’t even as nice as these. They fit well and are very comfortable. The material is nice and they have a great padding. They’re lightweight and they feel like you’re wearing nothing. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone.

Melody E.
First Impression

My 1st impression trying these gloves on was so surprising. The back is extremely thin and airy. The palm side is very cushioned and comfortable. The height of the fingers sleeves fits perfectly below my knuckles. The Velcro closure and fit around my wrist is perfect considering I have pretty small wrist. The length of the Velcro strip would easily allow me to make tighter or looser fit around my wrist. Can't wait to take them to the gym in the morning.

Damiel S.
Good grip and protects hand from calluses.

Great glove. I’m in the gym 6 days a week lifting weights and training. I go through many gloves. This glove has not yet fell apart on me. Helpful with heavy rack pulls and dead lifts. That was my main use. Fantastic grip, quality and padding. Put together well. Very happy with this purchase.

Lester H.
Good deal

Purchased these for my son as a gift. They fit perfectly. He said they work great and enjoy using them during workouts They arrived early and were well packaged.

Adrian D.
so far so good

Absolutely NO calluses and I work out 5-6 days/week lifting. I wear them every time and they fit comfortably, I almost don't like working out without them now. The band goes around the wrist so if you keep it a little tight it feels like a little extra support. I haven't tried washing them or anything, but after about 6mo of almost daily use, I have no problems with them! I love them.

Anthony P.
Great workout gloves

So I have been using these gloves for a month before leaving this review. First, the gloves fit perfectly on my fingers, though they are slightly loose but that is to be expected. The padding is very helpful and has served me well so far. The perforation has left my hands feeling cool despite me working out in somewhat warm conditions. The Velcro band is short and doesn't cover my whole wrist, one of the main things I was looking for in workout gloves.

So in short, these comfortable workout gloves are very good!

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BodyCircuit Gym Gloves for Body Building Fitness Exercise and Weight Lifting, Red