BodyCircuit Gym Gloves for Body Building Fitness Exercise and Weight Lifting, Blue

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Kevin R.
Long wrist straps

The gloves are comfortable and seem extremely well-made. They fit well. But I find the wrist straps a bit annoying in that you wrap them twice around, rather than just once. I'm sure that's better for heavy weight lifting but for a general workout where you want to protect your hands from callouses, it seems like more is not better.

James M.
Great Support!

These gloves are made nicely and provide all the support your wrists could need. I have three kids and at some point, one of them jumping/hanging/grabbing my hand tweaked my wrist so bad that I had to go to PT to help relieve some pain. I wear these while lifting/benching, curls, pull-ups, even jumping jacks since you can occasionally step on the rope and shock your wrist. Highly recommend if you need wrist support!

Julius W.
Versatile Gloves

I don't wear gloves for weight lifting but when my gym closed due to the COVID-19 closures, I bought several resistance bands for working out at home. The bands are very tough on the hands as they move when used for exercise. I knew I needed gloves when I developed cuts and bruises on my hands between the thumb and forefinger. These gloves are excellent for protection against the movement of the resistance bands and I highly recommend them. I may even keep using them when my gym opens again and I can go back to my usual weight lifting regimen. Very comfortable.

Brian T.
Fits like a Glove

These are great for my small hands and wrist. They fit very well and the wrist support is great! The material is breathable and flexible. Love the fact it helps with no more calluses and wrist pain. The price is also awesome!

Ryan A.

The non-slip grip is great and the padding is perfect. It doesn't get in the way not distract while lifting heavy.
The only downside is that the large fits pretty tight. Other large gloves for fine so it's just these. Even a fraction smaller and they'd be unusable. I do have bigger hands though so most shouldn't have this problem.

Jacky M.
Best gloves I’ve ever owned!

I love these! Use them every dang day! They are crazy durable! I love that they’re so easy to put on and they stay in place! The hands and finger have so much more rubber than other gloves I’ve tried! This is the best pair I’ve ever owned!

Gian C.S.
Great glove for the price you can't beat

I recommend this item to anyone looking for weight lifting gloves. I bout two pairs one for my wife and one for me. Quality is great for the price, the wrist support is awesome, and the pad in the palm is great. We do a combination of CrossFit in this work great because of the ventilation design.

Jerico M.
Great Gloves

These gloves have been great so far. The padding on the palm is ample, the finger coverage is great, and the tabs to remove the gloves are very useful. I also like the fact that the dye does not come off onto your hands when using them in spite of sweating, which was not the case with my former gloves. The wrist wrap is not too wide, but gives support and is comfortable. I've only had these a week, but love them so far.

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BodyCircuit Gym Gloves for Body Building Fitness Exercise and Weight Lifting, Blue