BodyCircuit Gym Gloves for Body Building Fitness Exercise and Weight Lifting, Black

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Chris M.
Love these workout gloves!

These are the best workout gloves I've ever owned. At first, I was annoyed with having a wrap them, but the extra support is great and a confidence builder. they seem to be very durable as well but it's too early to tell for sure.

Vico C.
Good for weight lifting.

I have been using these gloves for more than 8 months, with use twice a week for weight lifting and wash once a week. There is slight discomfort at the wrist however I do like to keep the grip tight. Overall, if you want to order a pair of workout gloves online without having to run to a store, these do just fine.

Joey D.
Best gloves for the gym. Period.

Love them! They protect my hands from callouses. Also increase my grip strength to allow for more aggressive pull ups, etc, without fear of slipping off. I love these gloves and will definitely recommend them to anyone who works out regularly.

Marvin M.
Excellent Grip for Wheelchair

I use these when I’m on uncertain terrain in my wheelchair. They make a huge difference when grasping the rims. When I need to stop quickly, they grip very well; so I have no need to hurt my fingers trying to brake. They grip very well, so maneuvering uphill or over bumps is so much easier. I have some weakness in my hands, but these gloves aid greatly to my ability to grasp. I was quite surprised at how much they help!!
I don’t notice my hands being sweaty, even in warmer temperatures!

Toni B.
Best I ever had

These are terrific workout gloves. I have been working out for 2 months with them (several times a week), and they still look like new. No wear or tear at all on the inside palm side. Super comfortable -- the velcro closure ensures a snug but feel-good fit. Highly recommended. I'm buying a second pair for travels.

Calix G.
Great for weights!

Used these for the first time yesterday during my training session. Did a lot of heavy bar work, planks, etc. The glove itself did a great job of protecting my hands with the grip, and the wrist wraps helped support my heavy body during the many minutes of planks!!! Using the guide on the page for size, and they fit very well...I would have like a bit more velcro area for the wrist wraps, but they fit OK on that as well.

Durrel F.
An amazing glove!

You cannot go wrong with this glove. I have been working out in a gym for the past 3 years between 3 and 5 days a week for about 1.5 hours each session. I have burned through gloves. Most of the gloves I have purchased in the past last me between 6 and 12 weeks then the seams come undone, material tears etc. These gloves have been rock solid. I have only had mine a few weeks now but my workout partner has been rocking his set for almost 18 months (its why I purchased these in the first place) you can't go wrong buying these gloves and the cheaper price is also a great pro :)

Sede T.
Perfect for the gym!

I'm a weightlifter and you can find me at the gym at least six times a week. I take my workout seriously, but recently, I have come into problems with some blisters. I have been trying to create calluses on my hands to help when I compete (no gloves allowed), but this has become incredibly painful and I have lost a lot of the skin on my hands. So, I have caved and decided to buy a pair of workout gloves. I was looking for gloves with wrist support since I lift very heavy weights and need the support. These are great and perfect for any weightlifter, beginner or pro.

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BodyCircuit Gym Gloves for Body Building Fitness Exercise and Weight Lifting, Black