Cysmiq 1.5mm Neoprene Swimming & Diving Gloves, Anti-slip Warm Swimming Gloves

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Cristine N.
Great for scuba diving, true to size

I've never liked gloves; I'd rather be cold than lose dexterity. But they were required for a cleanup dive I did, so I went looking for the thinnest pair I could get and settled on these. They are actually really comfortable; the seams are small and in a good place to allow me to pick up small objects without fumbling. And even though they're thin, they're much warmer than nothing. I've started wearing these on all my dives. The contrast color also makes hand signals easy for my buddy to read. I have big hands (see photo), and the Large fits well. I just wish I'd only bought that size instead of getting the medium too based on reviews that said they run large; I had to pay for return shipping which was more than half the cost of the gloves.

Ken R.
Nice and warm

I used these gloves for extra warmth in open water swimming and they serve the function pretty well. There is a certain amount of stretch as the neoprene becomes saturated - that means that although the gloves are a perfect fit when I put them on, they get big and the tips got a little floppy when I swam. I wish the velcro wrist tabs could be set tighter as that might have helped counteract that loosening up. Still, they helped keep me warm and the price was right!

Dominique T.
Inexpensive and Durable.

I had a pair of those for years after my expensive ones tore in less than six months. I loved them so much that I bought the exact same ones when I forgot mine back at the hotel in Cairns. They still had some miles on them after several years, so hopefully some housekeeper is diving the Great Barrier reef with them right now! And I have a brand new pair for under ten bucks. :-D

Joanna M.
THE glove u need

We dive a lot , 4 times a year. These gloves are great. They allow you to utilize your fingers and still have gloves on. Protective in the open ocean . Easily shoved in your wetsuit when you need to take them off. These are our go to dive gloves

Charmaine M.
Nice gloves, but not warm when wet out of the water...

I have very small hands and the xs fit perfectly - so great if you are a petite person. If you're average-sized or larger, definitely go up a size. They worked great for keeping hold of my paddle for dragon boating, but they do NOT keep your hands warm, especially when they are wet (I can't speak to using them underwater). Overall a decent pair of gloves.

Jarred G.
Great for cold water swimming

These gloves are like a wetsuit for your hands— they do not keep hands dry, but do maintain warmth for cold water sports such as autumn swimming. I used them today in 45 degrees air temp and 60 degree water temp and they make late season swims much more comfortable. They would be useful for water sports such as kayaking or surfing as well, but would not recommend for sailing where lines need to be handled because they are only thin neoprene (like a wetsuit) so are not durable with friction. The fit is fine, and for the price I am happy with them.

Robin W.
Sizing is a bit iffy but great gloves

I ordered all three sizes since the reviews were all over the place. I found that the small fit me the best. I wear a womens M in gloves as a rule, a size 8 ring on my left ring finger and have somewhat longer fingers than average - particularly my middle fingers. The M in this glove was very close with a better fit in the wrist area however the size M was about 1/2" too long at the middle finger. That allows too much water in the gloves and takes away from the insulating properties. I was concerned that once wet the size M would become too loose and defeat the purpose of wearing the gloves. I wore the S while snorkeling recently and they indeed loosened up a bit but still kept my hands warm. To further help with figuring a size for women (or men) I wear a M in the white goatskin work gloves from Harbor Freight. Those run small for men and true for women. I hope that helps others decide on the correct size.

Tristan G.
Warm but with good tactile feel

These gloves are great. Did a pool dove in '64 water for about 30 minutes. Hands stayed nice and warm. Also it was easy to manipulate bolt snaps and releases while wearing the gloves. I bought these after a 3mm pair made it hard for me to operate gear with. Good buy!

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