Athletiqo Yoga Stretch Strap & Resistance Band | D-Ring Fitness Yoga Belt

Color: Blue


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Nadine C.
Durable feeling, comfortable and cute!

I love the look and feel of this stretch strap. The band is wide enough that it doesn't cut into you as you apply pressure during stretching and the texture feels sturdy but still soft. It got to help with leg stretches while laying down on your back and it's great.

Kurt A.
High Quality Strap

I purchased two straps. Even though they are the same length you can tell the Athletiqo strap is nicer than the other brand strap I have. The photos show how the Athletiqo strap is thicker and of better quality. The material feels softer yet stronger in my grasp. The lighting in the photos is not accurate b/c the blue is a prettier blue in person. I am very pleased with the quality & color of the Athletiqo yoga strap. I would definitely buy again.

April W.
Yoga strap with adjustable D ring and lots of colors.

I use this when I do my yoga. I like this one better than my last one because it has a softer hand to it. I have known brands and it may seem like a little thing that it is a softer feeling but it means something if you have the disease.

Apple L.
Nice strap!

I dislike using the straps that others use at the yoga studio so I bring my own. this strap is strong, smooth, with no sharp glued edges, cinches well and is a nice bright color - so I don't lose it!

Karl C.
Exactly the same as the original Athletiqo yoga strap!

I was suspecting why this one looks the same but cheaper than the original Athletiqo yoga strap. So I ordered two from each page at the same time. It turns out it's just the different shipment but they are completely the same. The amazing thing is though they call it the economy shipping, it just takes a couple of days more!
Athletiqo is always my favorite yoga equipment brand. The quality and the price are the best you could find on their site! I was sick of those cheap products until I found Athletiqo. It never let me down!
Highly recommend it!

Genesis S.
Texture of material

The strap is a great length & hardware is very sturdy. But the material is very flimsy compared to other yoga straps

Sheena R.
My dad loves it

My father is recovering from a torn ACL and Meniscus surgery and I bought this so that he could gradually stretch his knee with it. It has been working for him and he loves it. He has recently begun walking again and still uses it. Plus now that he is walking he can use it as a belt.

Therese W.
Great quality!

I really like the quality of this strap! Clean, durable, soft, strong, and lightweight! Still learning how to use it and would have loved an instruction sheet but I came here for the instructions which made me comment and give them a 5 star rating :P Clever tactic I must say :)

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