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Kelly H.
Great toddler puzzle

Perfect for a toddler. Pieces are large and easily drop into their shapes on the board. Each shape is a different color so you can use it to teach colors, too. And of course the pieces are great for just joining the mix of the other toys scattered over the floor!

Sabrina P.
Great smaller size puzzle

I purchased this specifically to take to restaurants to keep our 21 month old occupied. She's just getting into shapes/colors and puzzles. The size is perfect for travel and the shapes fit easily in little hands. It arrived in a padded envelope and the puzzle itself was plastic wrapped. If you're looking for a smaller puzzle this is great and well worth the price in my opinion. Just as well made as other name brand wood puzzles.

Robin P.
The best!!!

My daughter is 2 and masters every wooden puzzle I buy. But this one!! It makes her think outside the box. And she spends a lot of time concentrating. This is great for keeping them occupied while learning.

Ashton B.
Great fine motor and problem solving --- and just plain fun

Just a great find. So simple yet so much gained by my son by playing with this. He mastered it over the first week. But he and Dad 'play' with this most every day. My son loves it and I love the time I get to spend cheering him on. Fine motor skills, problem solving, shapes, colors, numbers..... so much to learn. GREAT BUY!

Jane S.
If My One Year Old Likes It, We're Good

I really like this set. I had already bought my 1 year old a number set that had pegs and she seemed to struggle with it a little. This set is perfect. It's not too big and not too small. The shape pieces slide in just the way I wanted them too, and it's pretty sturdy. Overall, I am pleased with this set. I've included some different photosto tryand help show the size and width of the shapes.

Nikko M.
Perfect for 1-3 year olds

This product is exactly as described: large blocks for small hands, colorful, easy for play, and great for 1-3 yr olds.
Blocks are too big to get all the way in a mouth so I do not have to be concerned with choking hazard but small enough that a small hand can easily grip.
Highly recommend!!

Melody E.
Not just for little ones!

Although for preschoolers, I thought the puzzle might be helpful for my 90 yr old Mom who has Alzheimer's. I was right. She put the pieces back into the puzzle board quickly, which gave her joyful victory! Success! Something she did have to think about but she could do. She didn't think of it as a baby's game, either, so it wasn't degrading at all. I took it a step further to ask her to say the colors, most of which she could (still) get right. This seems like a pretty good little tool to help keep her mind stimulated and tracking best it can.

Chad S.
Her favorite

My daughter is 2 and she is on a roll of adventure.. since she’s into shapes, numbers, and alphabet these days, I figured i should buy this one identical to ones from her daycare. And she loves em! Its not pure thick wood but also durable for a toddler.

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Puzzlebee Wooden Math Bricks Puzzle | Educational Game for Preschool