AiryMist Air Humidifier | Air Purifying Mist Maker with Intelligent Touch Screen, White

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Penelope C.
Classy, elegant looking humidifier, works well

Classy, elegant humidifier that works well. The mist is strong, diffuses well, and the unit is very quiet (doesn’t make any humming noise as well, unlike my old humidifier). This is also relatively easy to clean. Aesthetically pleasing and will not look out of place in a nice little apartment or studio. Overall, great buy and will definitely use it long.

Leah S.
Great humidifier

This is probably one of the better humidifiers I've purchased throughout the years. I was mainly looking for one that I could keep on the highest setting that would last throughout the night. This one does the trick, and then some. On a full tank, I'd say it lasts about 14 hours, which is amazing. The intelligent/smart sensing feature for automatically keeping the room at a comfortably humidity level works pretty well too. If you're looking for a solid humidifier that will last you throughout the night, this is your best pick.

Katrina R.
Great Capacity and Features, Great lights-off feature

This works really well in our bedroom, and the footprint is just small enough to sit on our smaller nightstands without being too cumbersome. Great capacity, lasts a long time, with minimal noise. My ears are pretty sensitive so I can hear the subtle noise, but it is very normal compared to all of these types of devices. And there is no loud occasional bubble like you hear in a lot of these types of devices. And the press-and-hold feature to turn off the lights regardless of setting actually makes it superior to all other devices of its kind.

Kimberly H.
The absolute Best!!!

I am so glad I made this purchase. It is so easy to use. I pulled out of the box, poured bottled water in, and pushed a button. It is sleek and attractive and not bulky and dusty like the ones I've purchased in the past. I live in Las Vegas - the Desert! Even in winter months it is so dry in our bedrooms that you wake up all throughout the night to drink water and you wake up finally in the morning and your nose is crusty and your throat is scratchy. But this was a breeze and worked like a charm. It even allowed me to sleep well through the entire night which was difficult up til now. The mist blowing all through the night was perfect! I realized this morning when I went to turn off, that there are various levels of mist to come out which is really nice. I would totally recommend this humidifier.

Lady L.

This is the best humidifier I've had so far. It's not only easy to use, it's efficient. Tells you when the humidity levels are low/high in your room/house. It also covers a large amount of area. Pretty easy to clean and lasts for hours, even through the night

Cynthia W.
Quiet and Great Mist Output

I am very peculiar about my sleeping habits - I like a dark, quiet, cool room with a good mist from my humidifier to help with my dry eyes. Loved this product because I can turn off the light (no annoying blue light) and it is very quiet. The mist output can be adjusted and is more than adequate.

Lucy J.
Love my humidifier!

I suffer from the dry air of winter, especially my skin, sinuses, even my hair feels dry. I liked the looks of this cool mist humidifier in white. I am so happy with this little machine! It is easy to use, whisper-quiet even at a higher speed, and looks very attractive in my bedroom. What I love is no more dry skin, my sinus problem is much better and even my hair feels better. Easy to refill without moving to the sink. I believe distilled water is best so there are no mineral build-up and less need to clean weekly.

Olivia C.
Good product

I have purchased many different types of humidifiers already.
This is the one I will recommend to you. Large capacity of water, and quite operating. So far it's a perfect product for my family.

Many other products they broke within half a year. But I am happy with this one, will keep update for the future.

Usually, I don't like to write a review for products. But this one I like to because I want to support those people making products with good quality.

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