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Vico C.
Very pleased!

Very quiet! I already have a small humidifier, but this puts out a great mist for a large bedroom. It puts out a lot of moisture and last longer,up 24 hours. I have only used this for 10 days but I am more than satisfied with it. Really helps add moisture to the air when needed. One really cool feature is that you can adjust the direction of the steam. This humidifier was very easy to set up and use, just fill with water and push the bottom. I really like having this humidifier and I hope it lasts a long time.

Toni B.
How quiet it really is!

In the Winter season, Our house gets very dry and as a result, it causes some skin Allergies (dry & itching), so the doctor recommended us to use a Humidifier to help my girl.
After using this humidifier for 2 weeks, I am very surprised at how quiet it really is, even when running at the highest speed.
Easy to refill and clean, especially in the area where the water is located, I used a regular cleaning wipes and no hard to reach corners on the basin area.
The unit also stops dispensing mist if the tank goes empty.
My girl likes it!!!

Calix G.
A home necessity.

Since we start using the heater, my home gets super dry and throat hurts when waking up in the morning. This humidifier is one of my best investments at the beginning of this winter! Like, seriously, I need it. It is really quiet, and we cannot hear any noise at all. With a 4L container, the humidifier lasts almost 24 hours. The mist is strong and by sitting close to the device I can feel the difference of the air, moist and fresh. My humidity meter reads 27% before. After one day of running it rises to 34% and my throat does not hurt. Also, I like the appearance of this device, simple design but look dedicated as well as easy to assemble and clean.

Princess Q.
Nice humidifier!

Nice humidifier for a large bedroom 13x18. Best part is that it is quiet! Small light on the on/off switch is bright enough for you to see where the humidifier is in the dark but not so bright that it disrupts your sleep. It puts out nice humidity. I did find that it does dew up the floor on high so just turn it down a bit. Being able to control the output of humidity is a plus!! Lightweight, easy to fill & clean. The determining factor for me to purchase another is on how long this one lasts.

Durrel F.
Best humidifier I've purchased.

This humidifier is easy to set up, easy to clean and runs quietly. Love that it has a bigger tank, and runs all night. After the first night, we noticed an immediate difference in our sinuses. Will buy this again.

Sede T.
Very Good Humidifier

I do like this humidifier. It is extremely quiet (just so you know, my ticking clocks in my bedroom are louder than the humidifier if this helps you). Every so often, there will be a slight bubbling sound but nothing major at all (not sure what this is). As to the residue, I fill this up with filtered water from my refrigerator and do not have any issues. And, it is very easy to fill. Here are some "minor" items to mention. When filled, the handle seems a little flimsy (like it could break) but it hasn't and I just hold on to the full water tank and not just the handle to make sure. Also, for the room size, it isn't for a huge room but for my master bedroom it is fine.

Diane W.
Plants love this humidifier

I'm using this humidifier not for myself but for my tropical indoor plants. I love the 5L capacity which means I only have to refill the reservoir every other day or longer depending on the strength of the mist I select. I leave it running for around 15 hours each day. It has a large opening to allow easy refilling. The all-black design has a sleek and modern look and matches any room. The handle also makes it easy to carry the reservoir over to the sink.

Marian D.
huge and easy to clean

I really like this humidifier. It has three spray modes and very easy to switch. The light can be turned off, so it is perfect for night time.
I have a baby at home. Whenever the weather is dry, I turn on the humidifier in her room, it is better for her sleeping. When she got a cold, her nose got stuffed, I turned on the humidifier, and it helped her sleep. The water tank is huge and easy to be cleaned. The control system is also very easy to use, so it is suitable for anybody. I highly recommend this product.

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