Omza Yoga and Pilates Exercise Fitness Training Ring | Great for Back Arm and Leg Pain

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Marian D.
It's exactly what I wanted!

It's exactly what I wanted! It makes my calves relaxed.
No instructions are given but you can easily look up how to use it - I knew the purpose & instructions before buying it!

George R.

It may look impossible to squeeze your legs into these rings, but actually, it is possible with oil. You will feel the pain a bit at the beginning but soon you will feel that the muscles getting relaxed nicely.

Jolie L.
Super good quality and super easy to use

First time buying this stuff. It amazed me by the quality and the feel. I assume it is just a so-so product since the price is not high compared with other products. But in the end, I was wrong and the product is far more beyond my expectation. The design, finish, quality, feel and even the color is super good. As well as the easiness to use. Now I can do yoga at home.
I will never hesitate to recommend it to my friends too

Erick S.
Kill 3 birds with one stone!

Holy hard! These things are no joke for building muscle. Seriously! They are heavy duty! This is a massive pro in my book because I can't see ever destroying them. They are awesome to hook around a foot and do lying hamstrings stretch. I love them for hand strength - man... my favorite way to use this though is by far and away for myofascial release on my IT band. It is fantastic! I love the multipurpose side of this tool. It is simple and awesome. Kill 3 birds with one stone as stretching, massage, and strengthening tool!

Arrah G.
I just got back into yoga

Luckily, because I have "double joints" in many parts of my body (a genetic "gift" from my father's side of the family - to have elongated joints that make some things easier, and some things harder) I can still bend down and touch my toes. When doing yoga on a mat, touching my toes is not enough! I need to be able to put my forehead to my knees and to facilitate that stretch, I just need a little bit of I use one of these to be able to put it around the soles of my feet, grasping this on either side and pull just a bit to gain some length and stretch in my legs and hips to get lower. Soon I will touch my forehead to my knees - with the help of this ring!

Jayson T.
Great ring for stretching at home!

I was looking for an affordable "zen ring" to use at home so I can stretch and also put on my calves. The Omza yoga ring was just within my budget and is a great quality ring for its price. You can look up exercises online to see what you can do with the ring because there are so many things you can do with the ring. My mom and I are both enjoying the use of this ring.

Julius W.
Pilates Ring - More than I bargained for

The only reason I've given 4's is that I haven't used the ring very much yet as I have been searching for starter exercise routines that I could print out rather than watching a video on You Tube. I wasn't having luck finding what I was looking for.
Nevertheless, I tell you one thing, if you are older like I am and looking to gently tone and strengthen your muscles because you hate exercising as much as I do... I can tell by my brief 'try out' of this product that it will accomplish what I want to do. Here's to hoping I use it now!!! ;-)

Leah S.
Good Buy

First time using a Pilates Ring and though I am a routine exerciser I have not done a Pilates workout before. Saw an advertisement for this product and thought it would add a different type of challenge - it did. The reason I did not give a 5 star is that it did not come with any instructions or exercise suggestions - went to YouTube for that. But I would recommend this... the other rings where pricier and this seems to work just fine.

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Omza Yoga and Pilates Exercise Fitness Training Ring | Great for Back Arm and Leg Pain