Omza Exercise Resistance Bands, for Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, & Stretching

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Ashton B.
Excellent so far

This is the second pair of resistance bands I've owned. My husband bought me a set of lesser quality for a big box store and they broke while I was exercising during a YouTube Pilates class. This is of high-quality material and has been able to withstand tough Pilates moves over and over. I give it an A+ for durability and sturdiness. There was no powdery residue on the bands either as a new product, which some bands come with. No chemical smell either. It came ready to use, so I did just that.

Jane S.
Perfect companion for yoga

It is a very good stretcher and resistant band; it extends my ability to exercise at home without additional equipment and tools. It increases my motion range and helps lower my lower back pain. Highly recommended!

Michael F.
More versatile than yoga strap

Used it in yoga class, feels good as it has the elasticity, and doesn't require length adjustment all the time. Happy with this purchase as it's also a handy home workout tool and doesn't take up any space to store.

Melody E.
So good!

What I love about this product is besides using it for resistance training; I also use it for stretching. Normally I just use a belt or towel to stretch but this product has given me the choice to use it for resistance training, stretching, and also physical therapy rehabilitation! :)

Chad S.
I love the rubber ones

I usually buy the cotton resistance bands for my wife but she was recently saying she would prefer the rubber ones because they stretch more and you have more space in them. This band is very stretchy and you can do so many things with it. With her being a personal trainer she loves it for her clients that are in post-rehab or even weight trainers that workout with more of a resistant style. 10/10 recommend for anyone using for at-home use or in a gym.

Robin P.
Wide and durable

This is a high-quality resistance band! It is wide and durable. I am so glad I opted for this one. You can do a variety of workouts using this band and control how much resistance to work with.

Jessica A.
Resistance bands are wonderful

I love these bands and have been using them almost every day while self-isolating...I have recommended them to my zoom workout partners and they have bought them too...they are a wonderful addition to our daily workouts.

Richard A.
Flexible and durable

I bought these because my Physical therapist has something similar and these work great for my therapy exercise! I have used them over a month and they are still working great!

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Omza Exercise Resistance Bands, for Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, & Stretching