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Johanne L.
I got this bands and I loved them in the beginning

I got these bands and I loved them in the beginning. I would go for walks and use the red one which was heavy to do my squats and other workouts as I walked. I recently started to use the black one which is the heaviest band in the set. I was so sad as I was in the gym doing my workout and the band broke on me. I loved using these to do my leg and butt workouts. They didn't hold up to their end of being heavy duty after multiple uses. Which makes me sad because these are awesome to do leg workouts.

Overall to do a few workouts mainly not overstretching the bands they will last. But if you are trying to do more and overextend the bands they might not last long.

Neal W.
Great Quality! Great Price!

These are strong and durable.I love all the options and the price is great. They fit well and don't roll either. Excellent value for the money and the company's follow up and customer service is excellent. I'll buy more products from Dojonix

Ashley M.W.
Lower price, Still high quality

I ordered these to use with a new video workout program that just came out. These are much more affordable than buying from that program’s website but still very high quality. I love how small they are when you fold them up into the little bag that comes with them. Perfect for sticking in a suitcase traveling or storing at home in a drawer. Great workout tool! Even the light and medium ones give you a good workout.

Nate G.
Very nice

I'm still recovering from a major ankle injury (screws, plates, etc.). These bands especially helpful

Tess A.
Good quality

Been using these bands for several months now and they've held up nicely. I like having multiple resistance levels for different activities, although I mostly use these for training my knees out in squats and for side-steps. The light band also works for some shoulder activation like wall slides.

Charlotte D.M.
Great bands

The yellow and green bands are very light so they can roll easily making certain workouts really frustrating but thats just what you have to expect when working with bands. I really like the extra resistance that these provide. I got them to use during Beachbody's 80 Day Obsession rather than purchasing bands through Beachbody. I think I got a much wider variety and extra resistance in these 5 bands versus the 3 that Beach Body sells.

Kyle S.
Great purchase. Better than expected

I did a great deal of homework reading reviews on mini bands and it almost scared me to the point of not buying any at all.

But the price of these bands seemed too good to pass up, so I took a shot with them and I haven’t been disappointed.

With 5 levels of resistance, you can use these for a variety of exercises not just squats or butt kicks. If the resistance isn’t enough you can double or triple the bands on your legs or arms to create more resistance.

I use these a lot to do an overhead arm movement that mimics a pull up working the upper back. And to do overhead triceps. Mountain climbers in the plank position.

Also, I use them for stretching as well.

I’ve put these to test over the last two months with no issue other than the occasional roll-up but that’s to be expected.

Jeff F.

I don't think this was what I was looking for. Not put to use.

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Dojonix Resistance Loop Bands | Resistance Exercise Bands for Home Fitness & Physical Therapy