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Ivory C.
Excellent quality and very bright light

First, this thing is put together exceptionally well. Feels like solid metal in your hand and no obvious ways for moisture to get in. The light is bright enough to light up my large back yard and focus allows you to concentrate the beam down to a reasonably small size (though the pattern of the light emitter is obvious at its most focused setting). Comes with a nice and durable holster for each light. Wonderful value.

Keanu D.
Brighter than you can imagine

I keep one in the jeep for off-roading in the desert and the mountains. The other I use when I walk the dog a night. My neighborhood is extremely dark as most of this metro area has stringent light pollution ordinances. There is a lot of wildlife like javelinas (collared peccaries), snakes, and bobcats roaming at night. That the light can illuminate an area 200-300 feet ahead is a great attribute. I have not had the opportunity to evaluate how waterproof the light may or may not be. I would recommend this to anyone who needs an outrageously bright and well constructed flash light.

Krista M.
Wow! You NEED this flashlight!

I just wanted a super bright flashlight with a wrist strap for when I was walking my dogs at night, but I got SO MUCH MORE. This thing is super heavy-duty (without being heavy), and SO versatile. You can change the beam/circle of light from a small, hyper-bright point of light, all the way up to a wide circle (which is still quite bright). It has a few light settings on it, including strobe (blinking on and off) and SOS (actually clicks the SOS pattern for you!). I would hope I'd never NEED those settings, but in case I fell on a walk or got into an accident and needed to alert someone to my location, this flashlight has my back! OH! AND it comes with a fabric holster, so you can literally attach this to your belt (or leash?) if you want to. AND it comes in a two pack, so now you will have the flashlight for what you thought you needed it for, AND where you realized you should put one! Thanks for such an awesome product! I'm going to get this for all my friends and family; they're so useful!

Ivy G.
Extremely powerful.

Extremely powerful LED Flashlight, much brighter than the ones I was using before. It also offers a few different illumination types (Low, Full, Flashing and S.O.S.) and feels solid and well made. Uses three AAA batteries and lasts over 8 hours at the highest setting. Very good flashlight for the price. I would pay the price for one of them, but they give you two, both with their own carrying case, which can conveniently attached to your belt. Glad I have them for when the power goes off (which is often).

Kurt A.
Best flashlight I've ever had.

Love these flashlights. I have given them to ever member of my immediate family. We have them in the car, near our beds and in the coat closet for emergencies. We have already used them several times. A little tricky trying to figure out how to get the different levels of light power but, then again didn't read the instructions. Would differently buy again.

April W.
probably the only flashlight you'lll ever need..

This is a very sturdy, very bright light. Just short of amazing. Considering the price and value, it is amazing. I'm not sure it would do as a weapon, ie., tactical flash light. You'd be better off with a can of pepper spray. On the other hand, the SOS signalling could come in handy in an emergency situation. Standing on its end, aimed at the ceiling, it will provide bright enough light for an entire room. A very good flashlight for an exceptional price. I did not check waterproofing. With its o-rings it should do okay, but I am not about to put it to the test. Hate to lose it.

Apple L.
Super Value for your money!

I have only had these a few days so I can’t really judge battery life or water resistance. What I can say is so far they seem to be a fantastic value for your money! Very sturdily built and blindingly bright with just ordinary alkaline batteries. One of the best features to me is the way the memory works. It remembers what function it was on during the first ten seconds after turning it off and back on with a full push of the switch. After that, it always comes on at the brightest setting. In my way of thinking, that’s exactly the way it should work. Just bought my third pair of the S1000 and the first S1200. The S1200 is a step up and it’s even better. I’m a flashlight fanatic and I don’t think you’ll find a better deal on a super bright flashlight this well made.

Karl C.
Great flashlights!

I bought these flashlights in preparation for a Snowmageddon event in my area this winter, and they have turned out to be very handy. I keep one in my EDC bag, my purse, and my husband has one in his car and Man Bag. One night we had a chunk of tree fall in our yard, and my husband used his flashlight to see the damage and was impressed at how much light it threw. We also keep our flashlights handy for when we need to find something in a dark spot, and also for flashlight battles. I'm kidding on that part. We gave one to my husband's father too and he has also been impressed with it - he's a hard person to impress too!
Overall...good for your EDC, BOB, emergency kit, finding toys under the couch, or even just for household use.

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