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Mike S.
Surprisingly good

I wanted something cheap/easy to use while camping to keep in touch with my son while they went on hikes/rides. For the price, these are amazing. Zero static and crystal clear voice. Also I have not gotten any interference or chatter from other channels like you do on FRS radios.
I have the programming cable but have yet to make any modifications yet.

Michael F.
Worth every penny!

These little radios are awesome!! And for a really great price. You will need to purchae the programming cable to use these properly in the US. The frequencies that come with it, are not legal frequencies, and can find yourself with a $10,000 fine plus possible imprisonment if found using illegal frequencies in the US.

As a licensed GMRS radio operator, I had a friend programmed these to FRS frequencies. Thankfully, these radios are considered legal when using FRS/GMRS frequencies, as the FCC has now allowed FRS frequencies to transmit up to 2W power (which previously you could only transmit at 0.5W power on FRS) - license free!

And now, you can transmit on the GMRS frequencies up to 10W (previously 5W) - license required.

You can technically program these radios to nearly any two-way radio frequency, even use them on Business frequencies- license required and a Tech Coordinator to program them.

Amor P.
Crystal clear sound!

I'm bedridden, and that used to mean my son had very little freedom. Naturally, I didn't want him going outside with the other kids if no one would be out there to watch him.

Now, he can go where he likes as long as he doesn't exceed the mile-or-so range of these. The batteries don't need to charge often at all, we can hear one another perfectly, I can call him home if I need him, and I can even get to know the friends he hangs out with. What's not to love?

Steve D.
Nice little radios...

Radios seem well built and are great for short range communications. They do not include programming cables or software (and don't claim to--so that was not a surprise). It took me a bit of effort to get them programmed (I had the cable for some another radio I own) but once you figure out the steps, it goes quickly. I did read places where people said they could only get them to accept programming when the volume was turned all the way up--it sounded silly to me, but then I had the same experience.

Travis B.

These are great!! I got them for my 8 year old son for his birthday and all my kids are having a blast with them. I ended up buying another set of 2 so all 4 kids could have their own. They are easy to use straight from the box and I like that there aren't lot of buttons to mess with. You can hear clearly and my kids are having fun in the house and out in the yards keeping tabs on everything. Haha!

Chad j.
Great value !!!!

I love the amount of value compared to what is out there . You cant touch a set of these gor under 120 and i got these for 20 with everything

Lance S.
Good little radios at a very good price

Radios come programmed with frequencies that may not be legal in the US. But you can use "Chirp" free software to change frequencies relatively easily depending on how they will be used.
Not sure of battery life; too new.

Allan P.
For the price they are a great radio for simple communication

these radios are exactly what I expected when I ordered them. I will actually be ordering a lot more because I'm a bus driver and on long trips to come in very handy. The range was no more than one or two miles in standard City use but I was unable to drain the battery enough to have the radio turn off when I left it on for two days straight with the flashlight on

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